Why Guidelines? Our Valdosta State University brand exists primarily in the perceptions people have about us: Who we are, what we do, and why it matters.

Every time we communicate—whether it’s posting on social media, sending promotional material by mail, or talking with prospective students directly—people form opinions about our institution based on their interactions with us.

Brands are living, breathing things in that way—and they’re increasingly hard to control.

The more consistent and confident we are when telling the VSU story, the better our audiences will understand and trust what we have to say. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to be on the same page about our brand identity—the tangible, real-world system of design and messaging we use every day to tell the world about ourselves.

These guidelines are designed to ensure that all University communications, big or small, are authentic, cohesive reflections of the Valdosta State University brand.

Brand Strategy

What separates Valdosta State University from the thousands of universities and colleges in Georgia and across the country?

What does our institution do differently—and better—than the rest of them? The answer to these critical questions can be found in our brand strategy.

Strategy Drivers

Valdosta State University, like its students, doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Things change, perceptions shift, and priorities become clear over time. The foundation of any brand effort rests upon an approved strategy that drives the goals of the institution—and the brand expression should serve as a vehicle for the success of these goals:

  1. By creating an academic niche, we can communicate how the overall academic experience at VSU supports each student’s definition of success.
  2. By ‘focusing on ourselves, for others’, our students show they not only want to accomplish personal success, but they’re driven to achieve for the benefit of others in their families and their communities.
  3. By becoming South Georgia’s University, our VSU community can focus on localized impact.

Brand Platform

Based on comprehensive discovery and research, our Brand Platform reveals the key insights that establish our positioning and guide our brand strategy.

Our Brand Promise presents our strongest and most ownable position in the market. This is not a tagline, but rather, a simple, distilled phrase that forms a foundational point for our strategy.

Our Brand Pillars further define our competitive advantage through our three biggest strengths: what we believe in, what connects people to us, and what we do differently or better than other institutions.

Our Personality helps us to establish and maintain a consistent tone throughout our communications.

Our Foundation is based on important, yet non-differentiating, pride points.

Brand Promise

Igniting success for the people and places closest to us.

Brand Pillars

What we do better:

Leaders of Holistic Student Success

A dedication to our students is our driving force. Supported by an unparalleled success team model, we proactively provide students with tailored academic, career, and life guidance that helps them formulate and achieve their goals.

What connects us:

Community of Opportunity

Our community is where drive and determination intersect with opportunity. Whether in the classroom, online, or in the field, our students find access to engaging experiences that strengthen our people and their outcomes.

Why it Matters:

South Georgia’s University

We make an impact in South Georgia and in all communities we touch. From partnering with local industries, to addressing regional needs through research and curriculum, we are synonymous with the region and part of the solution.




  • Beautiful and safe campus
  • Vibrant student life
  • Right size
  • Competitive athletics
  • Diverse student body
  • Academic quality