Our brand typefaces are a reflection of Valdosta State’s proud personality. They were chosen to be bold, confident, and relatable.

As with our brand identity and colors, use typography consistently to further reinforce brand recognition.


Publico is freely available in 12 styles through Mac OS Catalina. To see and install these optional fonts, open the FontBook application and switch to “All Fonts”. Right-click on the “Publico” font, and select the option to download the entire family.

Note: You must have the latest OS updated on your Mac for the fonts to be available for download.

Serif / Headlines, Subheads, Intro Copy


Acumin Pro

Acumin Pro is available through Adobe Fonts and can be used through an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. To activate, visit fonts.adobe.com/fonts/acumin

Sans-Serif / Headlines, Subheads, Body Copy

acumin pro

Best Practices


Leading, also called line spacing, is the vertical distance between lines of text. In most cases, try leading that is 3-4 points higher than the type point size. In general, longer line length means more leading is needed to counteract eye strain.


Tracking is unified spacing between groups of letters. Tracking affects the overall character density of the copy and can be used to even out line lengths or make text more legible. In most cases, tracking should be set at the default “0.”